Poem by me: Thank You

After a deadly fire,

Soil is awaiting to be re-born.

Nature will always push through

And from ruins create something new.


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Poem by me: I Lost You

Title: I Lost You     By: Jorun Bork     Genre: poetry, own twist on a sestina


We started off as best friends

On this campus we call home.

You were my first real one-night stand,

Feeding an endless sense of desire.

We both were unable to resist

As finally one plus one equalled two.

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Poem by me: Panic Attack

Title: Panic Attack         By: Jorun Bork        Genre: Poetry

Hiding in the safe-place you never come to, I

Grunt because I see a guy who looks just like you.

Looking down to prove to myself that he does not

Wear your coat, I startle because owns the very same

Chequered jacket just like you. Truth is, my heart drops

Whenever I see a guy wearing a jacket like that, and for

A minute I cannot breathe. Except today I know that it’s

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Poem by me: You Never Loved Me

Title: You Never Loved Me    By: Jorun Bork   Genre: Narrative poetry

They say that you will always remember

The first time you hear your love saying

That he loves you, yet I cannot

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Poem by me: Feel What I Feel

Title: Feel What I Feel        By: Jorun Bork        Genre: Poetry

Are you in pain like me?

Have you seen the things I’ve seen?

Stripped down your clothes

After another bad dream, like me?

Have you felt disappointed like me?

Shivering hands like me?

After you have locked me into a freezer

And not opened the door, so I can’t see.

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Healing After a Break-up


Today it has been exactly two weeks since the break-up. I am not going to lie, the past weeks have been the worst of my life. But now I have finally realised how ridiculous it has been for me to adjust myself for him, and how flawed the relationship was in general. I will not go into too much detail, as this isn’t about shaming him (trust me, I could have said a lot more)— it’s more about finding closure and healing. My healing-process has started, and I thank my friends who have reached out to me after my previous post (I suck at asking for help), and listened to my crying. You guys are the best. Anyway, I will now go through what happened, and hopefully give someone advice regarding how to heal after a break-up — or at least help myself to move on.

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Love — the Strongest Toxin

It’s been a while. I’ve been happy. I was in an amazing relationship, and felt loved and cared for (something I hardly ever feel). I was wrong. Loving and daring to trust someone is the biggest mistake I’ve ever committed, and here is why. (Disclaimer: I do not intend to whine around. I just need to process my pain and perhaps make others understand what I am going through).


If you’ve read my blog/poems before, you will notice a certain dark theme. I’ve suffered from depression my entire life, gone through traumatic experiences, and never really feel that I fit in with people my age. Most of the time, I feel lonely.

A year and a half ago, I met my recent ex. Scared to get hurt, I limited our relationship to a physical level (since March). But we grew closer and closer. He became a close friend and someone I could trust. I started having feelings for him, but tried hiding them. In the end, we both had feelings we no longer could deny, so in June we became an official couple. The first few weeks were the best in my life. The summer-holidays came soon, but he visited me three times, and one time even bought me flowers (no one had done that in a while). Continue reading

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